Massage Chair Repair Service

Massage Chair Repair Service:

According to the brand and the manufacturer we guarantee fast and efficient repairs. Call 450.543.5366 for the nearest appointment.

If your massage chair is no longer under warranty, contact Reparation Fix N Go for a quote or have your home massage chair repaired.

We also have a large stock of spare parts for massage chairs, this allows us to respond quickly to your requests for after-sales service.

We can repair all Sanyo, Inada, Panasonic, Fuji, Human Touch and Ijoy massage chairs and more.

Can I get spare parts for my massage chair?

If you need spare parts, please specify the brand, type of device, part number, date of purchase and a photo of the defective part to allow our customer service to respond quickly and accurately to your request.To do this, send us by email the photo of the defective part and the brand and model of the massage chair at and contact us at (450) 543-5366.We can supply you with spare parts for the Panasonic, Sanyo, Inada, Fujiiryoki, Human Touch and Ijoy armchairs (subject to availability of spare parts).